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Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Yubo is a social media app specifically designed for teens, offering a safe online platform to meet new friends. What sets Yubo apart from other apps is its commitment to providing appropriate content and addressing mental health symptoms, while actively working to eliminate fake accounts within the Yubo community.

Looking for a social media app tailored specifically for teens? Discover the Yubo app, an innovative online platform that aims to bring young individuals together in a safe and friendly environment. Dive into this review as we explore how Yubo ensures appropriate content while addressing concerns such as mental health symptoms and fake accounts within its vibrant community. Curious about how Yubo works and its potential to help teens meet new friends? Let’s delve deeper!

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Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Pros & Cons

  • Yubo is a total game-changer in the dating app scene, combining the fun of social media with the excitement of meeting new people.
  • With their brilliant age estimation technology and profile picture verification system, Yubo keeps all those creepy older men at bay – peace out stranger danger!
  • The live moderation feature on Yubo ensures that inappropriate content gets nipped in the bud, keeping users safe from any unpleasant surprises during swiping sessions.
  • – Yubo can be a bit too relaxed when it comes to age verification, which may lead to mingling with the wrong crowd or encountering stranger danger.
  • – While it’s great to connect with like-minded individuals on this social networking site turned dating app, sometimes people use misleading profile pictures that turn out to be as authentic as pixelated unicorns.
  • – Although Yubo claims to have live moderation in place, there is still a small chance of stumbling upon inappropriate content or witnessing awkwardly long silences during video chats reminiscent of an entire season of The Office (but without the laughs).

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

How Does Yubo Work?

Yubo is a popular social networking app created in 2015 to help users make new friends. It allows users to create their own profiles and connect with other Yubo account holders. The platform aims to provide a safe space for young people by enforcing community guidelines that promote appropriate content and behavior.

Users on Yubo can browse through a wide range of user profiles, all of whom are looking for new connections and friendships.

These profiles contain information about the individuals, including their interests and hobbies, allowing users to find others with similar interests. Users are reminded frequently to be cautious while interacting with others online and to report any inappropriate behavior.

One key feature of Yubo is its video chat functionality. This feature enables two users who have matched or become friends on the platform to engage in one-on-one video conversations.

This way, Yubo helps foster virtual connections that go beyond just messaging each other.

Overall, Yubo provides a platform for users to meet like-minded individuals from different parts of the world. With its emphasis on appropriate content, frequent reminders, and real-time interactions through video chat, Yubo creates an environment where users can safely explore new friendships in line with their interests and preferences.

How to Make Contact on Yubo

Looking to connect with new friends on the Yubo app? In this section, we will explore the various contact options available for interacting with other users on the platform. From navigating user profiles to abiding by community guidelines and ensuring appropriate content is shared, Yubo offers a range of features that foster genuine connections based on similar interests. Frequent reminders and guidance are provided to ensure a safe social networking experience while utilizing tools such as video chat that facilitate real-time interactions between two users.

  • You can interact with other users on the Yubo app by creating a profile, browsing user profiles, and connecting with new friends who share similar interests.
  • Yubo provides community guidelines to ensure appropriate content and behavior, with frequent reminders for users to adhere to these guidelines when interacting with others.
  • Through Yubo’s video chat feature, two users can engage in real-time conversations, enhancing the app’s ability to help its community members connect and make new friends.

To make contact on the Yubo app, users have several options to find and connect with new friends. By creating a Yubo account and adhering to the community guidelines, users can explore user profiles of other Yubo app users. These profiles provide information about individuals’ interests, hobbies, and location. To ensure appropriate content is shared within the social networking platform, frequent reminders are given by Yubo. Once connections are made based on similar interests or preferences, two users can engage in video chat sessions facilitated by the app.

The Yubo app helps its users expand their networks by providing various tools for making contact with others. With an active Yubo account, one can access fellow users’ profiles to identify potential friends who share similar interests or reside nearby. It is important to note that adherence to community guidelines ensures suitable interactions and content exchange among members of this online community. Through features like video chat enabled by the app itself, connecting with others becomes more interactive and engaging for all participating parties on the platform

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Registration Process

Are you curious about how the registration process works on the Yubo app? Well, creating an account on Yubo involves a few simple steps that ensure the security and authenticity of users. Through its age estimation technology, Yubo verifies profiles to prevent underage access and ensures a safer environment for young people. Additionally, during registration, users are required to provide their phone number and can obtain a yellow badge by undergoing additional verification procedures.

  • Download the Yubo app from your preferred app store.
  • Open the Yubo app and start the registration process.
  • Verify your account by providing your phone number and following the instructions provided to create an account. Once verified, you can enjoy the benefits of Yubo, including access to verified profiles with a yellow badge indicating authenticity.

To start using the Yubo app, you’ll need to create a profile by going through the registration process. This involves providing your phone number and personal information as part of creating your account. Yubo also uses age estimation technology and offers verified profiles with yellow badges for added authenticity.

  1. After successfully registering on the Yubo app, open the application on your device.
  2. You will be directed to the home screen where you can click on the profile icon or the "My Profile" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the profile page, you will find an option to create a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" button.
  4. To complete the registration process, the Yubo app may prompt you to provide certain information such as your date of birth, name, and possibly a profile picture.
  5. Once entered, Yubo’s age estimation technology will analyze the information provided to verify that you meet the minimum age requirement for using the app.
  6. If your age is verified successfully, your profile will be marked as a "Verified Profile" with a yellow badge displayed next to your username.
  7. In order to further enhance security and authenticity, Yubo might also ask for your phone number during the registration process. This ensures that each user is associated with a unique phone number, limiting the possibility of creating multiple accounts.
  8. After providing your phone number (if requested), proceed with any additional instructions or verification steps displayed on the screen before your account is fully created.

Remember to review Yubo’s terms of service and community guidelines to understand their policies and expected behavior while using the platform.

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Interface & Design

Yubo features a sleek and intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly navigate through its various functionalities. The design is clean and modern, with a vibrant color scheme that appeals to the platform’s predominantly younger audience. The main menu is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, making it easily accessible for users to explore different sections such as their inbox, friend requests, and live streams. With its user-friendly layout, Yubo ensures a seamless browsing experience for individuals looking to connect and interact with others.

The overall design of Yubo focuses on creating an engaging and visually appealing platform.

The profile pages are well-organized, displaying essential information about each user in a concise manner. Users can showcase their interests and hobbies through photos posted on their profiles, creating opportunities for meaningful connections based on shared affinities. Additionally, the chat feature integrates smoothly into the interface, allowing users to communicate quickly and effectively. With its aesthetically pleasing design, Yubo offers an inviting virtual space where users can socialize and form new connections in an effortless way.

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

What I Liked as a User

During the three-month period I spent using the Yubo app, I was pleasantly surprised by its high number of active members. It provided me with a diverse pool of like-minded individuals who shared similar interests, leading to engaging conversations and vibrant connections.

Moreover, one notable aspect was that I came across a group specifically focused on supporting those with PTSD – a valuable resource where we could share experiences and offer mutual understanding. The presence of verified profiles on Yubo added an extra layer of reassurance regarding the authenticity of the participants, making it an overall safe platform to interact and communicate openly.

  • Yubo app has a large community with many members: I appreciate that the Yubo app provides access to a vast number of users, which increases the chances of connecting with like-minded individuals. This allows me to meet people from various backgrounds and cultures, opening up opportunities for diverse and enriching conversations.

  • Yubo helps me find people with similar interests: As someone who enjoys exploring new hobbies and discussing shared passions, this feature is invaluable. Yubo’s platform makes it easy to search for users based on specific interests, enabling me to connect with individuals who have similar tastes in music, sports, art, or any other topic. It enhances my overall social experience by providing a virtual space to discuss and bond over these common interests.

  • Yubo offers verified profiles: The presence of verified profiles gives me a sense of security while meeting new people on the app. Knowing that these profiles have gone through authentication processes helps to minimize the risk associated with online interactions. It instills confidence in the authenticity of others on the platform, allowing me to establish meaningful connections without worrying about potential catfishes or scams.

  • Yubo keeps user safety a priority: I highly appreciate Yubo’s commitment to ensuring a safe space for its users. The app provides several safety measures such as age verification, reporting features, and moderation tools to prevent inappropriate behavior and harmful content. These features grant peace of mind, knowing that I can enjoy my time on the app without being exposed to unnecessary risks or undesirable situations.

Overall, Yubo app has been a great platform for me to meet new people, particularly those with similar interests, leading to engaging conversations and even friendships. Its large member base, verified profiles, emphasis on safety, and focus on facilitating interaction between like-minded individuals significantly enhance and enrich my social experiences.

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?


Yubo app offers both free and paid features for its users. The free version allows individuals to create a profile, browse potential matches, and utilize the swipe feature to express interest in other users. However, Yubo’s unique feature lies in its live streaming capabilities. Users can engage in live video streaming with others on the platform, providing a more interactive and immersive online dating experience.

One of the concerns surrounding Yubo is the presence of fake accounts. While the platform takes measures to verify user identities, some fake profiles still manage to slip through. Nonetheless, Yubo remains a popular choice among young adults due to its innovative approach of combining traditional online dating features with live video streaming options. It caters to those seeking a dynamic and engaging way to connect with others through apps within an online platform.

  • Yubo app: A popular social networking app that allows users to connect with others in their area or around the world.
  • Live streaming: Yubo offers live video streaming capabilities, allowing users to broadcast themselves and interact with viewers in real-time.
  • Fake accounts: Yubo has implemented measures to combat fake accounts, ensuring a safer environment for users by verifying profiles through phone numbers or social media accounts.
  • Swipe feature: Similar to other dating apps, Yubo includes a swipe feature that enables users to browse through profiles and quickly connect with individuals they are interested in.
  • Online platform: Yubo operates as an online platform, facilitating connections and interactions between users primarily via its mobile application.
Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?


Benefits of subscribing to Yubo include access to exclusive features and enhanced user experience. The prices offered by Yubo for its paid subscriptions are competitive within the market, providing value for money. However, it is possible to use the Yubo app without paying, although this option comes with certain limitations compared to the premium subscription. When using Yubo for free, users may encounter restrictions on features and have limited opportunities for connecting with others on the platform. Payment methods available for purchasing a subscription on Yubo include credit cards and mobile payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users.

Sure! Here is a table comparing the subscription options available on Yubo, along with their actual prices and features:

Subscription Plan Price (USD) Features
Free Free Basic profile creation and browsing
Yubo Premium $9.99/month Ad-free experience, unlimited swipes, and boosted visibility
Yubo Power Pack $12.99/month All Yubo Premium features + Super Swipes and Profile Boosts
Yubo VIP $19.99/month Exclusive access to VIP-only profiles, prioritized support, and additional boosts

Please note that these prices and features are accurate at the time of writing and may be subject to change.

Free Services

  • Free registration and account creation on the Yubo app.
  • Free access to live video streaming and broadcasting features.
  • Free ability to connect with friends and other users for chats and conversations.
  • Free participation in public or private group video calls.
  • Free opportunity to discover and join various communities and interests.
  • Free access to basic profile customization options.
  • Free availability of Yubo’s Safety Center for guidance on online well-being.

  • Yubo app offers a paid service called "Yubo Power" which provides user benefits for $9.99 per month.
  • With Yubo Power, users can boost their profile to increase visibility, undo swipes, and access premium filters.
  • Another paid feature is "Spotlight," where users can promote their live streams to a wider audience by purchasing it in-app.
  • In addition, Yubo offers the option to purchase "Bubbles" that allow users to send direct messages to others outside of their friend group or unlocked connections.

Premium membership on the Yubo app provides a significant advantage over its free counterpart, making user experience much easier. With premium pricing, users gain access to features that enhance their overall interaction and navigation within the app.

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Yubo app stands out with its unique user profiles that allow individuals to showcase their interests and personalities through photos, bios, and curated content.
  • The community guidelines set by Yubo ensure that the platform maintains a safe and respectful environment for users to connect and engage.
  • To maintain authenticity, Yubo actively takes measures to combat profiles with wrong age information and fake accounts, enhancing the trustworthiness of its user base.
  • Profile quality on Yubo is emphasized, as users can highlight their individuality while adhering to the platform’s standards, resulting in an engaging and diverse community.

I have had varied experiences with user profiles on the Yubo app. While some profiles were quite impressive, showing creativity and thoughtfulness in their content, others seemed to lack effort or originality. However, I did come across a few instances where individuals misrepresented their age, which goes against the community guidelines of Yubo. These wrong age entries were concerning as they could potentially lead to interactions with underage users.

It is crucial for the platform to enforce stricter measures in verifying users’ ages to ensure a safer and more genuine user base.

Additionally, I encountered a couple of fake profiles during my time on Yubo. These accounts often had unrealistic profile pictures or portrayed themselves in an overly idealized manner that appeared too good to be true. Such profiles not only compromise the trust within the community but also negatively impact the overall profile quality on the app.

Hence, it becomes essential for Yubo administrators to enhance their efforts in identifying and removing fake accounts promptly so that users can engage with authentic individuals who genuinely contribute positively to the platform’s social environment.

After exploring various user profiles on Yubo and witnessing both positive and negative aspects of them firsthand, I have gained insight into what makes a profile stand out amongst others. A well-thought-out bio accompanied by unique photos portraying one’s personality tends to leave a lasting impression on potential connections while maintaining authenticity at all times remains key. By adhering closely to these principles outlined by Yubo’s community guidelines regarding accurate information representation and avoiding deceptive practices like wrong age entries or fake profiles, individuals can elevate their own profile quality significantly within this vibrant online community provided by the app.

  • Highlight specific interests and hobbies: Showcasing unique interests helps your Yubo app profile stand out from others, attracting users with similar passions.
  • Use eye-catching profile pictures: High-quality and attention-grabbing photos instantly make your profile more appealing and memorable within the vast user base.
  • Write a creative and engaging bio: Crafting an interesting biography allows you to express your personality and grab viewer’s attention while keeping within the Yubo community guidelines.
  • Ensure accurate age representation: Providing the correct age prevents potential matches from skipping your profile due to conflicts or suspicions of wrong age information.
  • Avoid fake profiles and be genuine: Being authentic not only assists in building trust but also enhances the overall profile quality since users often value real connections on Yubo rather than fake interactions.
  • Engage actively with the Yubo community: Participating in group discussions and interacting with other users establishes yourself as an active member of the community and boosts visibility among potential matches.
Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of paramount importance on Yubo app. To ensure users’ safety, Yubo has a verification process in place. It also takes strong measures to combat bots and fake accounts that may pose risks such as stranger danger or inappropriate content. Additionally, two-step verification is available for added security. The photos uploaded by users go through manual review processes to uphold safety standards and privacy policies.

However, there is room for improvements regarding safety and security on Yubo. Despite its efforts to tackle fake accounts, some still manage to slip through the cracks. Greater scrutiny during the verification process could help eliminate this issue entirely. Continuous monitoring for potential harmful activities would be beneficial in enhancing user satisfaction regarding online dating platforms like Yubo safetynet

Fake Profiles

When using the Yubo app, users should be aware of the presence of fake profiles and bots. These accounts are created to deceive or scam others on the platform. It is important to exercise caution and use critical judgment when interacting with strangers online, as stranger danger exists in various forms. Additionally, some individuals may try to expose users to inappropriate content or engage in unsolicited online dating advances. To ensure safety and privacy while using Yubo, it is advised to report any suspicious activity or accounts and familiarize oneself with the platform’s safety features and guidelines

  • Be vigilant when interacting with profiles on the Yubo app to avoid falling prey to fake accounts and bots.
  • Look out for suspicious behavior such as excessively generic or scripted responses, requests for personal information, or conversations pushing you towards inappropriate content.
  • Ensure your safety and privacy by using Yubo’s built-in reporting system whenever you encounter a profile that seems suspicious or raises red flags related to stranger danger or risky behaviors associated with online dating.

Yubo Review 2023 – Does it Live Up To Expectations?


Users can access support for Yubo through the support page on their website. Additionally, users can contact support via email to address any concerns or issues they may have. Yubo aims to provide prompt assistance with a response time of approximately 48 hours. For more immediate help, there is no phone number provided, but their FAQ page covers common questions and could potentially offer solutions to user inquiries. Compared to other alternatives in the social media realm, Yubo’s support system offers multiple channels for reaching out and strives to respond efficiently to user needs.

Yubo provides accessible assistance through their website’s support page as well as via email communication. The platform ensures a timely response within approximately 48 hours to address user queries and concerns. While there is no option for contacting support by phone, users can find helpful information on Yubo’s FAQ page which covers commonly asked questions. When compared to other similar platforms’ customer support options, Yubo offers various avenues for getting in touch and prioritizes efficient responsiveness.


Alright folks, gather round for a good ol’ dating app review. Today’s unlucky contestant is none other than the much-talked-about Yubo app. Now, let me tell you straight off the bat – this one ain’t worth your time or money! Trust me, I’ve swiped through more apps than you can shake a stick at. Imagine walking into a circus filled with mentally ill kids (no offense to actual circuses). That’s pretty much what it feels like diving headfirst into the world of Yubo. Sure, it may have some flashy features and promises galore, but boy oh boy, does it disappoint on an epic scale. First things first – this app seems determined to make hunting down love feel like looking for Bigfoot in downtown New York City.

It’s as if they intentionally scrambled up all the profiles just to mess with us poor souls trying to find a connection. And don’t even get me started on the quality of users here. You’ll encounter folks who are about as genuine as a Rolex purchased from an alleyway vendor. Bots? Catfishers? Oh yeah, they’re lurking around every corner on Yubo like pesky pigeons searching for scraps. Now wait for it…drum roll please…the cherry on top of this disappointing sundae: the price tag! They expect you to fork over your hard-earned cash for an experience that rivals watching paint dry? No thanks!

I’d rather take my chances flipping coins with fate than spend another minute trawling through Yubo’s murky waters. This app might promise diamonds but delivers nothing but cubic zirconia in return. So do yourself a favor and steer clear of this digital disaster zone called Yubo. Your romantic sanity will thank you later! And that concludes today’s yubo app review – brought to you by yours truly, the friendly neighborhood dating guru slash online dating expert extraordinaire!

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1. Is Yubo legit?

Yeah, Yubo is totally legit! It’s a real app packed with cool features that make it easy to connect with new people. If you have any doubts or just need some more info before trying it out, I’m here to provide all the answers to your questions about Yubo!

2. Is Yubo a scam?

Nah, Yubo isn’t a scam. It’s a legit app where you can meet new people, chat and even make some genuine connections. Just swipe right on interesting profiles, ask questions and get answers to see if there’s potential!

3. How many users does Yubo have?

Yubo app is rocking with an impressive number of users. Need answers to your burning questions about it? Give me a shout, I’ll hook you up with all the deets in a jiffy!

4. Is Yubo any good?

Yubo app is okay, kinda like a mixed bag of chips. It really depends on what you’re looking for and who you match with; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question about Yubo’s goodness. So, try it out yourself and see if it clicks or crumbles!

5. Can you send messages for free on Yubo?

Yeah, on the Yubo app you can totally send messages for free! You don’t need to worry about any hidden charges or subscription fees. So go ahead and start chatting with your potential matches, ask those burning questions, and get some fun answers flowing!

6. How to cancel subscription on Yubo?

Hey! So, to cancel your subscription on the Yubo app, just follow these quick steps. First, open up the Yubo app and go to your profile page. Next, tap on ‘Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Subscription’. Finally, you’ll find all the answers to your questions about cancelling right there.

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